October 26, 2020



VenueSAFE™ at Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000

We’ve been busy developing our VenueSAFE™ app, designed specifically for events to deliver safe experiences and streamline workflows, for Venue and Event Managers, Suppliers, Personnel and Event Patrons.

Live testing is a key component and although it’s still in BETA mode, its features are proving to be an invaluable tool in aiding the return of events.

We recently put VenueSAFE™ to work at the pinnacle of motorsport in Australia, the 2020 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000. Not only did it do what it was designed to, but being deployed at an official event gave us some further learnings that will help us build in more features that will contribute to positive change in future events.

So what was it used for during the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000?

  • All contractors, event personnel and competitors completed a site induction via the app prior to arrival on site
  • All personnel complete a Daily Health questionnaire, verifying they are fit and healthy for work – the app notifies administrators at the exact moment someone fails a health check so they are able to respond promptly
  • All personnel scan a QR code as they enter site allowing the client to monitor accurate, live data of who, when and how many personnel are on site at any point in time Cleaning tasks are captured via QR scanning; staff member, facility details, date and time stamp are all captured and reported on, ensuring KPI’s are met and COVID-19 cleaning requirements are adhered to
  • Safety messaging can be issued instantly to one or all personnel on site. This is essential in communicating potential weather events or in the unlikely event of an evacuation, instant, accurate information
  • Daily VenueSAFE™ reports were issued to the client identifying; induction status of all personnel, health data, facility cleaning analysis, number of personnel on site and peak arrival times. This information gives the client confidence in the number of personnel and infrastructure required to meet the demands of a multi-day event.
The above graph displays the number of personnel on site each day of the event.
The above graph displays the peak arrival times for personnel on site
We were honoured to be a part of yet another fantastic Supercars event, but while being part of an event like this is incredibly satisfying the action on track was as usual, the absolute highlight...
All photos: Supercars Championship Australia

If you’d like to learn more about what the VenueSAFE™ app can do, click here and take a look or get in touch with us for a complete tour of this powerful piece of safety kit … Putting event safety at your fingertips.