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Project Management

September 1, 2021
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AGPC appoint iEDM to deliver the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix.

iEDM is pleased to announce its appointment as the engineering Project Managers for the 2022 to 2024 Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix.

May 6, 2021
Written by
Mark Trathen – Designer and Project Manager

Design, Planning & Site Management

Taking the time to plan properly and capture key details on a set of drawings can help people digest information quickly which in turn saves significant amounts of time when building an event.

May 3, 2021
Written by
Emma Morris – Project Facilities Manager

Adelaide Tennis Exhibition Tournament – ‘A Day at the Drive’

iEDM were given just 8 days to plan, procure and deliver the overlay infrastructure required for a quarantine training facility used by some of the world’s best tennis players in preparation for A Day at the Drive held on January 29 2021.