March 29, 2012



QLD Workplace Health and Safety – Event Fact Sheet

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have released a fact sheet on the new Harmonised WHS Legislation aimed at Event Organisers.

The Fact Sheet can be found at this link:

Whilst the fact sheet highlights the importance for Event Organisers to have all their WHS procedures in place, we think it probably falls a long way short of the type of information a lot of Organisers and Promoters are looking for.

Events are complex businesses when looked at in light of the Harmonised WHS Legislation. We have volunteers, staff and construction activities in public environments and then to top it off, your venue is swamped by thousands of patrons.

Most events, under the Act, will be viewed as construction sites and Organisers and Promoters are acting as the head construction company. That’s hard to fathom for a lot of Events and adjustments need to be made in the industry to meet the requirements of the Harmonised WHS Act.Would love to know what you think…