October 13, 2016



Newcastle Street Circuit Confirmed!

Destination New South Wales (DNSW) and Supercars Australia recently announced Newcastle as the new location for the Supercars 2017 Grand Finale.

iEDM are extremely excited by this news and proud to have played a role in the development of this Event to date.

iEDM have been working with Supercars and DNSW since March 2015 to find a suitable home for the grand finale of the Championship following its 8 year term in Sydney Olympic Park was coming to a close.iEDM have conducted design and engineering feasibilities for various locations in New South Wales to find the best option for Supercar racing and to maximise social and economic benefits to regions.

Newcastle is the perfect fit.East Newcastle is an aesthetically stunning and historical area, surrounded by 2 world class beaches and the famous Newcastle Port. It is a visual we believe a lot of Australian’s will be amazed with, and in contrast with the ‘steel city’ images many people may have in their minds. Destination NSW’s objective, along with the significant numbers of tourists that will flock to the event, is that these images, beamed into millions of homes through Supercars television deals, will encourage interest and visitation in the area.

We are currently developing the circuit geometry, in consultation with Mark Skaife, in order to get our civil, circuit homologation and overlay design teams firing on the task ahead.iEDM have been engaged to provide circuit design, engineering and project management services for the enabling and civil works project to get the city streets ready to host the race.

It’s a massive task to get the works completed by September 2017, after which we will start installing the temporary race infrastructure that will be installed and removed for each year's Event.We will update our news feed when we have developed our circuit geometry and provide some general commentary around the circuit particulars.

All of the team at iEDM are very excited to work hand in hand with DNSW, Supercars Australia and Newcastle City Council to deliver what will be a truly iconic project.