April 15, 2021


Josh Ryan

SEA Change for Good

When you think about it, our waking hours can be seen as a series of unfolding opportunities and choices, both big and small.

Some opportunities demand a lot of thought and careful consideration, others can be dismissed immediately and instinctively.

Every now and again, however, there are opportunities that you just ‘know’ you have to seize. You pull on your goggles and speedos, dive straight in, combine your efforts with the positive current of that opportunity, and go somewhere special.

This is how I feel about iEDM’s newly formalised partnership with the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA). It’s an opportunity for us to make a practical difference, to be part of the vanguard of simply doing more for the planet, where our impact is positive, not detrimental.

For the uninitiated, SEA is a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation that aims to provide the sports industry with the knowledge and networks to become environmental stewards, and generate change in the sporting community for the good of the environment.  

As one of the three alliances in the world leading the movement for environmental sustainability in sport, SEA acts as a platform for members to see the great work of global partners, inspiring them to do more and generate change. 

As a partner, iEDM will work with SEA to co-develop publications, deliver information sessions and contribute in an advisory capacity to all of the SEA members.  

Over the coming three-to-six months, I will be working closely with Dr. Sheila Nguyen and her team of extraordinary enviro-enthusiasts, to set some loosely bound goals & targets for success. 

It is very important to both organisations that our partnership is flexible, and can adapt to the ever-changing, dynamic contexts of all sports and events.

It’s not like any individual or entity can singlehandedly ‘change the game’, as it were, but by action and example, we can absolutely and tangibly influence the result of the most important long game of all. Sustainable life.

Stay tuned. The tides of change are upon us.


Josh Ryan