January 14, 2016



Mount Panorama - Second Circuit

iEDM have been working with Bathurst Regional Council over the past few months on a preliminary feasibility for a second permanent motor sport circuit at Mount Panorama.

Because of the street nature (and subsequently the residents) of the existing Mount Panorama Circuit, there are restrictions over its use throughout the year. The objective of the second circuit is to build on Bathurst’s reputation for being a motor sport destination by developing a venue which can be used throughout the year and for multiple uses.As a regional market, a tourist attraction that will consistently bring people to Bathurst can create very significant economic and social impact.

A world class second circuit has the potential to attract activities such as:

  • Major Events;
  • Motor Sport Events / Series Rounds;
  • Corporate Ride Days;
  • Manufacturer / Motor Sport Testing;
  • Manufacturer Ride Days;
  • Training; and
  • Motor Sport Industry Participation.

All of the above activities will drive economic impact into the region and sustainably build on the once-a-year major impact of the Bathurst 1000 V8 Supercar Event. Whilst the design and location of the circuit cannot be released at this stage, we can say that we are very excited about it. Anytime you are working with natural undulation on these types of projects, there is the opportunity to create something special.

Even at this preliminary stage, our blood is pumping with excitement when we look at these designs and visualise what this project could be.It is very early stages but will keep our news feed up to date as things progress.